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5 Tips to Find Modest Formal Wear Collection

You should be selective when you search for modest formal wear. Not all modest dresses are suitable as formal outfit. Here is my pro tips for you, if you are looking for modest formal dresses, make sure those dresses fulfill these criterias..

1. The dress should be less flared

 If you are comfortable with full length modest dresses, then you shouldn't choose the dress which is flowy . Instead of choosing flared gown, you should try A line modest gowns. You can try flared kurtis with wide legged pants too if you are comfortable with flared outfits. The main point is, if the dress is too flared in the bottom line, it's hard to manage and thus, it's not suitable as work wear.


2. The dress should be long lasting and easily washable

 Remember, you have to stay outside for a long time. Even if you do a desk job, nevertheless dust is going to hug your dress! So, be picky about colors, and look for comfortable ones.


3. Two part in better than one! 

Kurti paired with formal pants or Palazzo is my first choice for work wear because they are less dust hugging and provides better coverage. Skirt is a great option too.


4. Layer yourself with a vest or shrug for better coverage

In the point no 1, I said less flared is better as it is easy to handle. So you can add a layer of cardigan shrug or vest so that you can hide the body curve better, also able to manage easily.


5. Attached pockets are best!

If your dress has zipper locked side pockets, you will feel much more comfortable. You can keep your phone and other small accessiories in the pocket, wear a crossbelt bags, both of your hands are free and you can work faster.


Did I forget to mention that "the dress should be tailored seamlessly"? When a dress is not got perfect finishing, it looks cheaper and it could hamper your looks. So, better you increase your budget and go for a good one. 

Thanks for reading! Warm wishes!

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