Perfect modest wear for plus size women

Perfect modest wear for plus size women

The concept of perfect figure is not practical. 36-24-36 is setted by society, and you don't need to chase for it. Because, the truth is, Allah love variation. We have different skin tone, different height and body shape and that's beautiful! And yes, plus size can be beautiful too. We need to worry about our plus size if it concerns about health. But just because I look fat, this is a BIG NO.

Yes, body shaming is unevitable, because toxic people are everywhere. And we can beat this with our confidence. Unfortunately, people get shattered often hearing those toxic words.

There are a lot of options available for every shape. If we pick the correct style for our shape, it will not only make beautiful, but also boost up our confidence level.

As a modest fashion designer, here I tried some tips for plus size women, hope that helps.

What to avoid 

If you are plus size women, and your shoulder line is heavy, my suggestion is, avoid capes! Any Capes, Ponchos, Kaftans that has no armhole and no sleeve, just avoid that. However, usually plus size ladies prefer capes to hide their body curve; but it looks more fatty than usual. You might think that loose clothes hide your extra weight. However, baggy clothes often add extra pounds and also make you appear less self-assured.

Except for Jilbabs and Khimars. These are also without armhole and sleeve, but Jilbab and Khimar starts from head and it lets you look slimmer.

What to wear

What to wear if you are plus size women? Well, enlarge your sleeve length. Longer sleeve looks slimmer.

Pick stripes and check print for your dress. And the stripes should be vertical, not horizontal. Stripes and checkers are classy and formal as well.

Layering your clothes can make you look more smart and put-together, as long as your pieces are structured. Try long cardigans and shrugs, perfect match for plus size women.

Pick A line gown instead of umbrella cut gown. Here I am not against umbrella cut gown for plus size ladies, it also looks good but A line looks better!

Usually a common body shape in plus size women is , their bust line and waist line is almost same. Sometimes the waistline is wider than the bust line. Pleated design can be a good option for you as it allows more space in waistline.

Play with colors! Use lighter shade in the middle and darker shade on the sideline


 If your upper part is heavier, use darker tops and brighter skirt that will draw attention away from your upper half. If your lower part is heavier, do the opposite.

For pants and skirts, use straight leg and structured clothes.

Pick small prints : Anything floral or patterned, pick small print to slim your body. Usually bigger prints look heavier than small prints. For example, small polka dot will look better than bigger ball prints.

If you are overweight, don't think that you can't try modest dresses that are on trend. Just use these simple tricks before trying any modest wear.

Lots of love!