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Bareerah Jilbab Purple


jilbab-khimar hajj summer kids mom-daughter-matching-dress

hijab-fashion mom-kids-matching-dress jilbab

Bareerah Jilbab Purple-style-Only Jilbab 42 inches-1

style : Only Jilbab 42 inches

Suitable for upto 7 years old


Bareerah Jilbab Purple-style-Only Jilbab 50 inches-2

style : Only Jilbab 50 inches

Suitable for 7 to 11 years old


Material Nada (cherry)
Length 42inch from the head is for up to 7 years old
Length 50 inches from the head is for up to 10 years old
11+ kids need adult jilbab

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