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Fatema Kurti floral white


summer formal-wear kurti modest-dress

kurti modest-fashion

Fatema Kurti floral white-size-S-1

size : S

Length=45 inches Bust =38 inches Shoulder=15 inches Sleeve length=21 inches


Fatema Kurti floral white-size-XL-4

size : XL

Length=45 inches Bust =50 inches Shoulder=17 inches Sleeve length=23 inches


Fatema Kurti floral white-size-M-2

size : M

Length=45 inches Bust =42 inches Shoulder=15.5 inches Sleeve length=22 inches


Fatema Kurti floral white-size-L-3

size : L

Length=45 inches Bust =46 inches Shoulder=16 inches Sleeve length=23 inches


Fatema Kurti floral white-size-Customised size-5

size : Customised size

According to your given measurements


Mandarin collar
Side pocket
Exclusive front opening metal buttons
Elasticised sleeve
Curved hem
Length 45 inches
Material: Premium blended cotton

Price is 1480tk for the selected sizes. If you want any customization, it will be 1780tk then.

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