Unjila Jilbab polka black


hajj summer jilbab-khimar mom-daughter-matching-dress

jilbab mom-kids-matching-dress

Unjila Jilbab polka black-style-Only Jilbab-size-56-1

style : Only Jilbab

size : 56

Suitable for 4 feet 10 to 5 feet 2

Stock Available


Unjila Jilbab polka black-style-Pants-3

style : Pants polka black

according to your height. Waist is free size, we just need your height for the pant length

Stock Available


Unjila Jilbab polka black-style-Only Jilbab-size-60-2

style : Only Jilbab

size : 60

Suitable for 5 feet 1 to 5 feet 6

Stock Available


Unjila Jilbab polka black-style-Skirt-4

style : Skirt polka black

U can order the same print skirt, A-line Skirt, 110 inches flared, 2 side pockets, only length is needed.

Stock Available


Free size
Without Niqab
Length 62 inches from the forehead (58 inches without belt)
Material: Twill georgette, jersey head belt
Thin elastic sleeve
***Price is 1680tk for the Jilbab only, 1200tk same printed formal pants.

Shop the same matching Jilbab for your baby here

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