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What is khimar? Khimar is a veil worn by practicing Muslim women in order to cover themselves as per the Islamic code of modest dressing.Jilbab/ Khimar with Skirt set is one of the most popular Islamic dresses in Bangladesh. It is usually worn by Muslim women of Bangladesh when they are in public or in the presence of non-mahram men. You will get a vast collection of Khimar burka at Modest Collection, High-end quality finishing, Summer-friendly comfortable fabrics, and the latest chic designs, all the criteria are present in the Niqab Khimar and Jilbab set of Modest Collection.
Jilbāb abaya/Jilbāb abayas/জিলবাব সেট/নিকাব খিমার /খিমার হিজাব / নিকাব খিমার সেট/খিমার বোরকা whatever you call it, we have all!
We have-
Two-piece jilbab (2 piece jilbab set means Jilbab and skirt set or Khimar with skirt set, or Jilbab with Harem pant set)
One piece Jilbab (Full length Jilbabs)
jilbab abaya
French cut Jilbab collection
Jilbab with/without niqab styles
খিমার আর স্কার্ট সেট
Exclusive fabric with a unique design of Jilbab and Khimars
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